The debut of Batman: The Animated Series 25 years ago this month, also brings about the 25th anniversary of one of DC Comics most popular characters:  Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel…Harley Quinn.

Making her world wide debut in the episode “Joker’s Favor,” on September 11th 1992, Harley was originally just another throwaway character.  But, her wise-crackin’, New York accent (along with her red and black harlequin jester outfit) struck a note with fans, and she quickly became part of Joker’s menagerie.  In 1996, DC Comics officially made Harley part of Batman canon with her debut in the  graphic novel Batman:  Harley Quinn (part of the ongoing storyline “No Man’s Land” running through the Batman books at the time).

Of course, no character can be considered popular without the merchandise to back it up.  And Harley Quinn certainly has had her fair share of figures, statues and assorted goodies based on her likeness.  These, then, are your friendly neighborhood jman’s favorite collectibles based on the slightly kooky, oft dangerous, blonde bombshell known as Harley Quinn.

Funko Fabrikations Harley Quinn

In 2014, the Seattle-based vinyl toy company Funko, introduced a new line of plush figures known as Fabrikations.  The initial wave of Fabrikations included the likes of Batman, Yoda, Greedo, Deadpool and of course, Harley Quinn.

Inspired by their über popular line of 3.75 inch Pop! Figures, the Fabrikations measured 6 inches in height and featured articulation limited to a head swivel.  But, don’t let that limited articulation fool ya, these “soft sculpture” figures were as cute as the day is long.  Harley Quinn being no exception.  In her traditional red and black jester costume (along with black domino mask) Harley also came with her trademark oversized mallet sewn into her hand.

Sure, their oversized, top heavy noggins made them hard to keep vertical (even with the weighted feet), but who could resist all that cuteness?

Sideshow Collectibles sixth scale Harley Quinn figure

Collectors and fans of sixth scale figures alike squealed in delight when Sideshow Collectibles announced they were releasing a 12-inch scale version of Harley Quinn in 2014.  Based on her original red and black harlequin costume (along with matching combat boots and removable corset), Harley came with two interchangeable head portraits, pop gun, knife, trademark mallet and several hands (in various states of openness).

While still based on Harley’s classic look, Sideshow’s sixth scale version was a bit more…maniacal looking than previous versions.  What with that twisted grin and carved out serrated knife, this wasn’t the Harley that was simply “misunderstood.”

This was the figure of Harley that you kept toward the back of your shelf.  You know…just in case Toy Story turned out to be based on a true story.

Hasbro/Kenner BTAS Harley Quinn figure

The original Harley Quinn figure, without which, we probably wouldn’t be here talking about any of these other fine collectibles. Released in 1997 by Kenner/Hasbro, Harley was part of the second wave of the Batman:  Adventures of Batman and Robin line of figures

Standing 5 inches in height, and sporting a measly 5 points of articulation, Harley came with a spring loaded, clip-on “Knockout Punching Glove” and “Trick Pistol.”  All of which was simply superfluous.  ‘Cause alls we really wanted was the figure.  And maybe a couple more points of articulation.

DC Collectibles Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn

In 2014, DC Collectibles debuted a new statue of Catwoman, under the moniker of “Gotham City Garage.” Designed by Dustin Nguyen and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, the statue featured a biker version of Selina Kyle, on a fairly sick chopper. DC Collectibles followed up that premium statue in 2015 with the topic of our post, Harley Quinn.

Nguyen’s original design for the statue had Harley (sporting a rather large chest piece designed by Katherine Brannock) riding a Moped with her pet hyenas, Bud and Lou, in a sidecar.  To keep costs down, though, the first edition of the statue was eventually released minus Harley’s ever loyal subjects, unfortunately.  DC Collectibles made the promise that if the demand was there, a subsequent edition with Bud and Lou could still be potentially released.  And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened the following year.

While Nguyen’s design is a bit of a departure for Harley Quinn, her personality shines through in details like the lit ACME bomb, her windswept blonde pigtails poking out under her helmet and red and black costume.  Not to mention Bud and Lou.

DC Collectibles Roller Derby Harley

Roller Derby Harley Quinn made her debut in the pages of DC Comics Harley Quinn #1 back in December of 2013.  The book, written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti with art provided by Chad Hardin, had Harley starting a new life, on Coney Island.  As a roller derby girl.

DC Collectibles picked up on Harley’s new look and released her as a figure as part of their DC Comics Super-Villains collection in 2015.  The figure featured the newly designed roller derby costume, still based on Harley’s traditional red and black color scheme but now with tank top, hot pants and the all important roller derby needs: shoulder, elbow and knee pads.

Roller Derby Harley also came with her oversize mallet and gun. Of course, no roller derby queen would be complete without roller skates, which conveniently attached (and detached) to Harley’s boots.

DC Collectibles Infinite Crisis Pajama Party Harley Quinn

Part of DC Collectibles short-lived Infinite Crisis line of figures (based on the multiplayer online game Infinite Crisis) Harley this time around was decked out in a red and black pajama onesie.  Complete with open butt flap exposing her Batman logo undies.  PJ Party Harley also came with a toy ray gun, oversized teddy bear (impaled on a broken bedpost) and big, round glasses.

Standing almost 7.5 inches, Pajama Party Harley was more of a statue than action figure.  With articulation limited to her arms and head, there wasn’t much you could do with Harley, besides look at her.  Which, really wasn’t all that bad, considering how much fun the figure turned out to be.

Still, some articulation in the legs?  That would’ve made the figure complete.

Funko Pop!  Harley Quinn

This one was a tough call.  There have been any number of Funko Pop! Harley Quinn figures over the years.  From Batman:  Arkham Asylum to multiple versions of Harley from 2016’s Suicide Squad, Harley’s been well represented over the years in Pop! form.  And while my go to Harley Quinn Pop! Is the Bombshells version, there’s plenty of Bombshells Harley in this list (spoiler alert).  So, let’s call this one a tie between the Bombshells Pop! And the Walmart exclusive Dr. Harleen from 2016’s Suicide Squad, and move on with things.

The Suicide Squad Dr. Harleen Pop! figure featured Harley before her transformation, as mild-mannered psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel.  Sporting glasses and labcoat, Dr. Harleen holds a clipboard close while a strand of hair falls off the side of her face.  Representing, perhaps, the chaos that was bubbling up just underneath the façade that was the good doctor?

As for the Bombshells Pop! figure?  Well, it’s Funko’s interpretation of the best incarnation yet of Harley Quinn.  Goggles perched on her head and brown leather bomber jacket on, Harley’s got her trademark pop gun at her side.  Dang!  I love everything and anything Bombshells Harley (spoiler alert).

Diamond Select Toys Nurse Harley Quinn statue

From the episode of The New Batman Adventures, entitled “Mad Love,” comes Dr. Harleen Quinzel dressed as a nurse, ironically enough.  Written originally as a one shot comic by series writers Paul Dini and Bruce Timm back in 1994, “Mad Love” was later adapted as an episode to the successor to the Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures.

Diamond Select Toys statue, released early in 2017 as part of their Premier Collection line, featured Harley (in the classic animated style) wearing a rather short nurse’s uniform.  Sculpted by Clayburn Moore and standing 12 inches in height, Harley’s posed in her jester’s hat and domino mask, blowing a kiss, with a small heart sitting on the tips of her fingers

Even in it’s simplicity, the Nurse Harley statue is one of DST’s best to date.  You can see even more about the statue on this episode of the Red chair show:

The LEGO Batman Movie Harley Quinn

Sure it was a little disappointing that Tara Strong (or Arleen Sorkin) didn’t voice Harley Quinn in 2016’s The LEGO Batman Movie.  Still, actress Jenny Slate did a fine job bringing Harley to life in LEGO’s version of the character.

Inspired by her original black and red harlequin costume, LEGO’s version of Harley has our girl throughout most of the movie in black and red pigtails with matching black and red costume.  And skates.  Can’t forget the skates.

Harley also appeared throughout the movie, in a nurse’s outfit and a variation of the original costume, this time including a ballet skirt.  All three versions of Harley, of course, are available (one way or the other) for purchase through LEGO.

I have all three.

DC Collectibles DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn figure

I wasn’t foolin’ ya when I told ya a ways back that I love everything Bombshells Harley Quinn.  Case in point?  DC Collectibles DC Designer Series Ant Lucia Bombshells Harley Quinn.

Released early in 2017 along with Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Batwoman, Harley (and the rest of the figures in the assortment) measures 6.75 inches in height.  Sculpted by Paul Harding and based on Ant Lucia’s original Bombshell designs, the figures were wicked articulate and came with a bunch of accessories.

The original assortment proved so popular with fans that subsequent waves have been announced.  Which is nice and all, but we are here to talk about Harls.

In her bomber jacket, black shorts and Batman’s utility belt, Harley comes packed with her oversized mallet (this time looking like an old wooden barrel on a stick), pop gun (with Batman dongle) and two sets of hands (in various states of openness).  It’s the perfect solution for all those times I you wished you could play with your Bombshells Harley statue.

S.H. Figuarts Suicide Squad Harley Quinn figure

One of what seemed like a million Harley Quinn figures based on Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character in 2016’s Suicide Squad, S.H. Figuarts figure got everything right about the character and Margot Robbie for that matter.

Measuring 6 inches in height, the figure featured movie accurate costuming right down to the “Puddin” choker and “Property of Joker” red and blue satin jacket.  The figure also came with three interchangeable portraits of Margot Robbie’s Harley, the pearl gripped pistol, “goodnight” bat and several hands (in various states of openness).

The only real problem with the Figuarts Harley?  Availability.  You couldn’t just walk into your local Target or Toys r Us to pick her up.  Nope.  Being an import, you had to order her from your favorite online toy dealer or on eBay.  A small price to pay, I suppose, for a 6-inch version of Margot Robbie in hot pants.  I’m not saying anything. #imjustsayin

DC Collectibles DC Comics Bombshells Deluxe Harley Quinn statue

Making her debut at Toy Fair 2017, was a brand new, deluxe Bombshells Harley Quinn statue.  I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking:  My friendly neighborhood jman, what makes this new statue any different from the original Bombshells Harley Quinn statue from a few years ago?

Well, if that’s truly what you’re thinking, I’m glad you asked.  This new deluxe statue is more of a direct interpretation of artist Ant Lucia’s original Harley Quinn designs for the Bombshells line.  Whereas the first statue was more inspired by Lucia’s designs, the new statue is definitely a more direct take on the original artwork.

This time around, Harley’s riding the “Gotham or Bust” torpedo bomb as she is in Lucia’s original designs, eyes wide open (as opposed to her winking in the original Bombshells statue).  If you missed out on the original (or had it, then sold it like the dumb jackass I am), this is your opportunity to make up for that mistake.  You can pre-order her right now at Entertainment Earth.

DC Collectibles DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn statue

There’s no way this list could have been topped with any other collectible than with DC Collectibles’ original Harley Quinn Bombshells statue.  Released in 2013 and inspired by Ant Lucia’s original Bombshells designs, the Harley Bombshells statue elevated the already popular line of statues (based on 1940’s bomber plane artwork) to a whole new level.

So popular in fact is the Bombshells Harley Quinn statue, the aftermarket value can reach as high as 600 dollars.  Because of that, and a bunch of bad decisions, ya boy was forced to sell her a few years ago.  This would be the point where I’d probably say something like “but, don’t cry for me Argentina,” this time I can not.  A need you to cry for more Argentina.  Even with the Red, Black and White version of the statue released a few years later, nothing can replace the loss I have for selling the original statue.

You can feel my pain, and see just how great the original statue is by checking out one of the first episodes of the Almost Internet Famous Internet Show, where we give you an in-depth look at one of the best incarnation of Harley Quinn to date.