Man!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since we’ve done a 7 Word or Less.  The last one was way back in May with Star Trek:  Into Darkness.  Man!  Those were simpler times, weren’t they?  Before obamacare the Affordable Healthcare Act, Miley Cyrus and Climate change 1.  Anyway…I’ve said too much as it is.  It’s supposed to be 7 Words or Less…

thor dark world.  Loki

Once again Loki steals the show.



Man!  That Mjolnir comes in handy!



Oh.  She can Sif me any time.  (Get it?  “Sif me”?!?!?  That’s her name.  “Sif”.  “Save me”.  Whatever.)

Full review of Thor:  the Dark World right here


Since the almost famous internet show STILL isn’t up and running yet, why don’t you take this opportunity to check out one of our past shows.  It’s better than watching that repeat of SVU.  Again.


  1. No it wasn’t.  All that shit was with us back then too, folks.
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  • I conquer, Loki takes that show and runs away with it…and yet, Thor is still a hunky piece of change (which is why he will always get the girl)…

    • your friendly neighborhood jman

      lol! i was cracking up when they were showing him off without his shirt in the beginning of the movie. talk about exploitation! i was offended!!!