Stark is totally based off of me (minus the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist part*).

*editor’s note 1:  It’s still 7 words or less!  What’s in the parenthesis doesn’t count!

editor’s note 2: because I’m all about the value of a dollar, here’s two more that didn’t quite make the cut:

The most fun you’ll have with your eyes open.

and my compliments to you, reader!

Most “clean” fun you’ll have in a theater.

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  1. I should have known you would catch this in the first weekend! We tried, but all showings were sold out! Now, I am green with envy!!!

  2. i know, right? for me to catch a movie in the theater AND opening weekend!?!? that's saying something!meh…the movie was alright. you didn't miss much. #sarcasm

  3. Oh no, so many spoilers here… movie is ruined for me now. Thanks a lot, pal. LOLZ
    PS. Stark was totally ripped off you. Totally. For realz. ;p

    • LOL! i know, right?!?!? i was wondering why those people in AVENGERS hats were following me around last year. 🙂

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