One helluva disturbingly great horror movie.

Runner ups:

What sort of fuckedup fuckedupness are my eyes watching?!?!?


Uhhhh…who knew dismembered bestiality could be so, uhhhh…hot!?!?



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Movie poster:
Wolf:  watchinghorrorfilmsfrombehindthecouch.blogspot


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  • As someone who abhors horror movies, here is my 7 words or less on each of the above images:

    Avoid Cabins. In the woods. At night.

    “People in masks can’t be trusted.” – J. Jonah Jameson

    That bitch be watching too much Twilight!

    • Fadderly

      lol! good stuff. dead on, i might add.

      let me tell you, i don’t think my peeps really appreciate how difficult it is for me keeping these things under 7 words. which goes to say…i’m a bit long winded.


  • Okay, I was a kind of grossed out by the wolf thing. Like, when was the last time someone dusted in there? Yecch.

    • Fadderly

      LOL! for real!!! she totally got a mouf full of dust bunnies!!!