Because of circumstances beyond my control (my office being under construction for +7 years), I’ve got a ton of figures that I haven’t opened yet. But, now that I’ve got a semi-functioning space, I’ve been going through container after container of figures that are dying to be opened.

Originally, I was going to do a compare and contrast with Mattycollector’s Wally West Flash and Mattel’s New52 Flash, I even came up with a fairly clever title:  A Tale of Two Flashes (get it?  A Tale of Two Flashes?!?!  A Tale of Two Cities?!?!?  No?).  But, in going through my stash of unopened toys, I came across a third Flash figure, White Lantern Flash, and the article became a Tale of Three Flashes (get it?!?  No?)

You can check out the rest of my article, A Tale of Three Flashes, over at  And tell them Jeffrey sent you!

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