a touch of madnessRJD’s A Touch of Madness – Marvels War on Women.  This week the crew dig into the ” We Want Widow ” Movement, Why / Who killed of the WASP, Rhonda Rousey, and if Marvel really has a WAR on Women.




Today’s show:  Marvel puts Black Widow in everyone’s films. Why no film for her ?  And where is my Black Widow action figure set, anyway? Then it’s off to Tangents – Cabals – and Money.  Followed by “Who is the A hole”: who got rid of RJD’s favorite female Avenger – Janet Van Dyne?  And finally…Buy or Sell:  UFC Champ Rhonda Rousey openly campaigns for Captain Marvel role.

This week’s guest:tea berry wasp touch of madness

the Amazing Tea Berry Blue – Feminist activist, Cosplayer Extrodinaire, Black Widow and WASP fan.


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nat X A Touch of Madness Podcast

Natalie Xavier – not an X-Man

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Jessica Sinclair –  politically incorrect and damn proud of it

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a touch of madness

RJD  – His life is a cautionary tale of sex drugs and rock n roll. Or maybe starwars, videogames, and dice roles.

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