For Jethro’s  12th birthday, I decided to surprise him by taking him to our local Lego store.  Now when I say “local”, I’m more saying the “closest” Lego store to us.  Which, is to say, like 117 towns over in a mythical place called “King Of Prussia”.  I shit you not.  The place even sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  King of Prussia.

and if you’re in the Plaza and want to get to the Court? Gotta get into your car!

This place makes your local mall look like a dump.  Not only is it multi leveled, it also has a “court” and a “plaza”. This place is so high end, I’m surprised they don’t charge you to breathe the air.  Needless to say, your friendly neighborhood jman doesn’t go there very often.  In fact, the last time I was there was about 25 years ago.  I get the feeling “they” don’t like my kind there.

the place is so high end, their mannequins have cones for heads!

But, for my boy’s birthday, we were making a special trip.  Not only that, but I was letting the kid pick out any Lego set he wanted.  Well…almost any.  You know.  It had to be within reason.  He didn’t have a shot in hell in getting this set:

Then again, it’s not like any of us do, either.

I didn’t know what to expect, when we got there.  Well, that’s not true either.  What I was expecting was something close to the Lego store that’s in Orlando, Fla.

the greatest Lego store evAH!

But, when we finally navigated our way through the monstrosity that is the King of Prussia mall and found the place, well…I was a little…underwhelmed.

Lego Store in King of Prussia

But…not for long, really.  It’s still a flippin Lego store!

yes. i’ll take all the colors, please…

The place did have many of the things the Orlando store had.  Little vignettes throughout the store.  Some of the sets were built and out on display.  Like this Palace Cinema set.

This thing is flippin awesome.  Sometimes, Lego sets are like those padded pushup bras…false advertising.  You get that set out of the….er, box and it’s a little disappointing, compared to the size and pictures on the box.

back of the theater


This Cinema Palace set, though?  No way.  It’s the real deal.  And totally a set I’ll get getting.  Eventually.

love this theater worker laying down on the job.

Here’s my beef with the Lego store, though.  It’s their store, right!?!?  It’s the company’s store.  Why don’t they have any exclusives?  Why don’t they have any sets you can only buy that the store and online?

Cause most of the merch (that’s what we in the biz call “merchandise”) at the Lego store is basically the same merch you can get at your local Target/Walmart store, for the most part.  They do have in stock the really high end sets.  And they do have Pick-a-Brick.  But, c’mon!  Let’s get some store exclusives, guys!

i actually touched the box

What is surprising about the store, are the price points.  They’re right on retail.  Usually the company stores sell their products at a higher retail.  The Lego store, though?  Dead on.  In fact, the boy and I took a trip to the local Toy R Us after we left the mall.  For the same sets, Toys R Us, was actually more expensive!?!?

this set cost 10 bucks more at Toys R Us!

So?  Was it worth the trip?  Hells yea!  It’s the freakin Lego store!  Jethro ended up getting a Teenage Ninja Turtle set he wanted.  And me?  Did I walk out of the store empty handed?  Hells no!


Stay tuned…



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