The Doctor Strange teaser trailer hit the interents last night shortly after it’s debut on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show.  In case you missed out, or like your friendly neighborhood jman…fell asleep before it came on, here’s the trailer:

If there ever was a property that needed an origin story, it’s certainly Dr. Strange.  We all know were Batman comes from.  We all know about how Pete was bit by the spider.  Okokok!  Enough already.  But, Stephen Strange?  We need that origin story.

And that’s exactly what we’re getting here.   The trailer’s heavy on Benedict Cumberbatch’s pre-Dr. Strange days and eventual transformation.  The whole thing has a kind of Matrix meets Inception feel.  The trailer only had the briefest of showings of Racheal McAdams, but gave a really good look at Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One.

Another day, another new trailer.  This time?  Marvel Studio's Doctor Strange.A nice little tease, this trailer was.  Definitely looking forward to seeing more.

Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4th, 2016.

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