medicom-mafex-suicide-squad-harley-quinn-dress-version-promo-01We’re getting another Harley Quinn figure from MAFEX based on this past summer’s “Suicide Squad” movie.  Are you ready?  Can you feel the excitement?

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Up for grabs in the near future is the gold dress wearing Harley Quinn from the night club flashback scene.  The figure measures 6 inches in height and features interchangeable hands and a figure stand.  As an added bonus, the figure will ship with additional head sculpts for two other figures.  Yea…you read that right:  Two other figures.  You’ll get two additional head sculpts for the previously announced Harley Quinn figure and one additional head sculpt for the previously announced Batman figure, as well.  An interesting bit of marketing on Medicom’s part, to encourage you to buy the other figures in the assortment.

The MAFEX Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Dress Version will retail for approximately $55.00 (depending on the day.  It’s only available as an import) and is expected to ship July of 2017.

(via the Fwoosh)

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