A day closer to Star Wars Celebration and here comes yet another reveal.  This time around, Yahoo! News got the exclusive first look at another Hasbro Black Series set:  Luke and Landspeeder.

Anyone else sensing a theme here?  First Rey and speeder.  Now Luke and Speeder.  First daughter now father?  I ain’t saying anything.  I’m just sayin’

From “Star Wars:  A New Hope” comes a 6-inch scale Luke Skywalker (in Tatooine gear) and Landspeeder.  The highly detailed reproduction of the X-23 vehicle includes a new Luke Skywalker figure that comes with a lighsaber hilt, rifle, macrobinoculars and that spiffy hat/googles combo not seen in the movie’s original release.

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The Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Luke and Landspeeder set retails for $59.99 and is set to be released this fall.  Presumably around the time when the flood of “The Last Jedi” merch is released unto our world, Force Friday, September 1st.

You’ll be able to check out the former moisture farmer and his sweet ride at Hasbro’s booth at Star Wars Celebration this weekend (April 13th – 17th).


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