Here’s a lil known fact about your friendly neighborhood jman…I like historical crap (that’s just me trying to be cool in front of you guys, here.  Cause by “historical crap” I really just mean “history”).  I could watch the History channel (back when, like MTV and music, they used to air historical type programming) all flippin day.

manhattan projects

Know what else I like?  No?  That’s weird.  Because I tell you guys all the time.  Way to pay attention, class.  I like “Elseworld/What If” type stories.  The kind of stories that take known/established tales and characters and turn them around, give them a twist, if you will.

manhattan projects

What the hell does any of that have to do with The Manhattan Projects?  This Image Comics title, written by Jonathan Hickman and penciled by Nick Pitarra is both those things.  It’s historical Elseworlds!  Or “alternative history” as it’s probably more commonly known.

manhattan projects

The premise of the title is that back during World War II, the US, the Russians and the Nazis were all developing projects that involved some seriously crazy stuff.  I’m talking aliens, alien worlds, spacecraft and teleportation amongst some other mind blowing things.  The g-men running the program in the US needed a cover.  So, as Leslie Groves said to J. Robert Oppenheimer during their first meeting:

Awww…look at me.  If you wanna see what the general had to say, you’ll just have to click on over to to read the rest of the article, the jman sayeth:  Why aren’t you reading the Manhattan Projects?  And when you get there, make sure you tell ’em Jeffrey sent ya!


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  1. What up, Jman?

    I read a few issues of MP last year. It was ok, but I bailed out.

    These days I try to avoid Hickman’s work if I can. There’s a lot of info-dumps and psuedo-science that leave me cold.

    Yeah, I know he bases as much as possible on theoretical physics, but it’s usually pretty dry to me. Red Wing, Avengers, and Infinity were kind of a mess. I asked my local comic shop guy to describe Infinity to me in one sentence and he couldn’t.

    To me, Hickman’s work is better suited to novels than comics. I say this as a guy who loves reading sci-fi stories, but sometimes the real hard sci-fi doesn’t mesh very well in comics, although you’d think it would.

    With that said, Hickman is one of the hottest writers in comics now, so he’s definitely got something that people like…

    • LOL. I like that. Info-dumps. Lot of truth there.

      I’m hit or miss with Hickman. I liked his work on Avengers/New Avengers. Infinity was ok. I initially loved the hell out of East of West. The thing is, I still can’t put my finger on what entirely is going on. I’m still reading it, though. The art is awesome. So…there’s that.

      As for Manhattan Projects…it’s a good read. Still, though, he tends to self indulge in that book, too. Like the whole Oppenheimer civil war thing.

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