The fastest man alive is about to get even faster.

Kotobukiya recently revealed a brand new variant of its previously announced CW’s “the Flash” Flash ArtFX+ statue:  a Tachyon-enhanced version of the Scarlet Speedster.

The new exclusive statue features Grant Gustin’s Flash in a whole new pose, with (of course) the Tachyon accelerator attached to his chest.  The best part, of the new release?  The parts from the original statue are interchangeable with the new variant.  Meaning?  The unmasked head from the original version fits on the new Tachyon-enhanced statue.

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The Kotobukiya Tachyon-enhanced Flash ArtFX+ statue from CW’s “the Flash” retails for $69.99 and is expected to ship October 2017.  Unlike the original release, though, this version of the Flash has a very limited run and is only available at Koto’s website.

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