Mezco Toyz released a behind the scenes look at its upcoming One:12 Collective Ascending Knight Batman figure, as well as the thought process behind the figure.

Calling it a “trilogy” within the One:12 Collective universe, Mezco’s new Ascending Knight Batman represents Bruce Wayne/Batman at the beginning of his crime fighting career.  Placing this version of Batman 10 years in the recent past, Ascending Knight Batman is Bruce Wayne in year one; not quite the Dark Knight we’ve come to admire and bad guys fear.  This is Batman still working out the kinks, using experimental gear and tech.  The figure itself is built on a “leaner” body, further pushing the youthful inexperience narrative of the figure.

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Even though this is a modern day look at Batman’s first year, Mezco took the time to include certain looks and aspects from Batman’s storied past.  The long pointy ears of his cowl, the smaller bat symbol and short gloves all nods to the Dark Knight’s comic book debut.

Find out even more about the new figure at Mezco Toy’s blog.


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