According to Rolling Stone, Columbia House is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Until I saw this article, I hadn’t thought about Columbia House in years.  C’mon.  You remember Columbia House.  Get 8 (or 10 or 13 or 117) cds/tapes/albums (vinyl) for a penny.  Of course you had to buy 3 (or 5 or 76) for the regular price to get yourself out of the indentured servitude you willingly put yourself in for those titles that only cost you a penny.

But, why you really should remember them?  Cause you’d always forget to send that cd/tape/album Columbia House so thoughtfully sent you on a monthly basis.  And you’d get stuck paying full price for it.  And full price, in case you forgot, was usually like 22 bucks (for a cd).  Which, for all you youngsters out there that are used to getting your music free, was ridiculous.Columbia House files for bankruptcy.

According to the article (and Columbia House) the company still has 110,000 members.  I’m pretty sure I cancelled my membership, but I’m gonna go through my mail pile when I get home.  Just too make sure I don’t have any CDs I still need to return.

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