debuted a new Diamond Select Toys statue, the daughter of the mad Titan, Thanos…Gamora!

Created by Jim Starlin, Gamora made her comic book debut in Strange Tales #180 (June 1975).  The last of her kind, and adopted by Thanos, Gamora’s powers include superhuman strength, speed and agility.  A skilled martial artist, Gamora also has an accelerated healing factor.  Of course, you can catch all of Gamora’s hijinks anymore in the Guardians of the Galaxy.  But…you knew that already.

Part of their new Marvel Premier Collection, Gamora comes posed for action in her white space armor, pulse rifle at the ready.  Sculpted by Jean St. Jean, the resin stands 12 inches in height and has a run limited to 3,000 pieces.

She’s expect to retail $150 and ship Fall 2016.