A few weeks ago, I had yet another one of my brilliant idears.  I was going to go on a “quest”; a hero’s journey if you will (and you will).  Not just any quest, mind you, but a quest to find a Mattel Batman Unlimited Batgirl action figure.  Not just find her, mind you, but find her at retail.  Because going on eBay and purchasing her that way, is far too easy.

sure.  she's no Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, but she's still hard to find at retail
sure. she’s no Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, but she’s still hard to find at retail

Some folks go on visionquests, some folks walk the streets of Bangladesh in search of enlightenment.  Your friendly neighborhood jman?  I spend my free time going to my local Target, Walmart and Toy R Us on what feels like an endless loop trying to track down a $15.99 toy.  Which, after all is said and done, I could’ve just bought online for 25 bucks, and saved myself a lot of time and gas.  But, again, what kind of hero’s journey would that have been?

ummm...where are the bathrooms?!?!?
ummm…where are the bathrooms?!?!?

My plan was simple enough: Over the course of a month, I’d document the trails and tribulations of tracking down this elusive figure.  And if I didn’t find her at retail by the end of the month, I’d just buy her online or on eBay.

the den of action figure iniquities
the den of action figure iniquities

Well…it turns out the quest took longer than I expected.  I blew past my goal of a month’s time weeks ago.  And the longer it’s taken, the more determined I am to get this figure at retail.

There’s not stopping the hunt now.

So…every Tuesday, until I find this stupid ass figure, I’ll be documenting my progress starting way back at the end of February with week 1.  I’ll be regaling you with tales of disappointment and pictures of crushment.

there'll be a lot of this...
there’ll be a lot of this…

It’ll be a hootenanny!

Onward, loyal listener…to week 1!


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