What the hell is going on?  Why are you here?  Isn’t that the question we all ask ourselves?  Well…all your answers lie within this click.  Or at least the answers that are about the Diary of a Madman:  My Quest for Batgirl.  The rest of your answers?  You’re better off looking elsewhere…

the prize
the prize

2/24 – Sunday.  I needed to get some household supplies for the week, and what better place to buy said supplies than Target (OV)?!?!? Cause, you know, it’s been a couple hours since I was there last.  And as an American, don’t we have some sort of societal obligation to check in to your local Target/Walmart every couple days?!?!  And, maybe, in the meantime they restocked the Batman Unlimited figures.  And, maybe, Batgirl, is there amongst.  Waiting to end this search.

lot of blue there...
lot of blue there…

Ugh…that’s a negative.  But, they did restock the pegs.  Cause there was a Batman and 2 Superman figures there.

"back again, aye jackass?!?!?"
“back again, aye jackass?!?!?”

Oh…and that stupid Penguin figure.  Would someone just buy him already?  For mercy’s sake!  I swear to all that’s holy, if he’s there the next time I go, I’m buying him.  I’m sick of looking at him already.  It’s like he’s mocking me every time I walk down the aisle.

2/25 – Monday.  Some folks are productive on their lunch breaks.  They sit at their desks and keep on working.  Or they read.  Or do crafts.  Or whatever.  I don’t know.  And some folks actually eat on their lunches on their lunch breaks.  Nope.  That’s not for me.  Your friendly neighborhood jman?  I spend my lunches going store to store to find an action figure.

yea.  that's about right.
yea. that’s about right.

Whoever said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results, wasn’t very far off the mark.

i don't even know why i bother.
i don’t even know why i bother.

Today, though, was going to be different.  Today was the first day I was going to go to the Toy R Us (FM) by my work since starting this adventure.  And, believe you me, it was not the kind of day to go out on your lunch.  It was another cold, miserable day.  But, you never know, right? You can’t win if you don’t play!  Isn’t that how the lottery sells it?

for real. who’s buying these Hobbit figures?

Well, today, I probably shouldn’t have played.  Because the only “new” figure they had was Superman.  But, at least I know.  I know what they have on hand.  And knowing IS half the battle.

i don't know why i go here, either.
i don’t know why i go here, either.

Lucky for me, there’s a Walmart (FM) right by Toys R Us (FM).  Now this Walmart is notorious for not having any decent figures. That is besides your typical wrestling, turtles and occasional star wars figure.  Actually, I’m starting to think that this store doesn’t stock any kind of Legends/Unlimited type figures.  Because I never see them there.  So why go?  For the same reason the sexed up teen goes into the dark room with the creeky wooden flooring in horror movies…because there wouldn’t be a story if we didn’t!

no!!!!  don't do it!
no!!!! don’t do it!

And today?  I wasn’t disappointed either.

if it weren't for these Batman figs, I'd think Walmart had a problem with DC
if it weren’t for these Batman figs, I’d think Walmart had a problem with DC

2/26 – Tuesday.  Well, I finally made it to the Target (Nesh) by my house. The store is literally, not figuratively, 5 minutes from my place.  And I’m there ALL the time.  For real.  One week I was there 5 days in a row.  I’m not shittin’ you.  And I’m not proud of that, either.  So, for me to go almost a week without stopping in there store for some sort of staple is a feat.

where everyone knows your name
where everyone knows your name

Blahblahblah.  Just as well.  Because they didn’t even have empty pegs where the figures may have once been.

3/2 – Saturday.  I hadn’t been to any store in a few days.  Life/weather/whathaveyou.  Because it had been awhile, I went to Target (Nesh).  I probably needed something for the kids or whatever.  Who knows.  Like I need a reason to check out what’s in stock.

I beelined it to the back of the store to the toy aisles (like I always do, no matter what the reason is I go to Target for).  And lo and behold, they had stocked the pegs at some point, because they had a Batman and Flash figure on hand.  Figures (as it were)!  And, this, is why you wanna win, you gotta play every day.  Damn lottery folks.

I was so desperate to buy something, I ended up getting that Flash figure.  It only eased the suffering a bit.  I still haven’t opened him yet.

don't take it personally, Flash.  you don't suck.  you're just not short packed.
don’t take it personally, Flash. you don’t suck. you’re just not short packed.

Oh, well.  The search continues…


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