The latest group of Lego superhero sets has been slowly hitting the stores over the last month.  I picked up the Arctic Batman V Mr. Freeze:  Aqauman on Ice set the other day at my local Target.  And with the help of my lovely assistant, Stimpy, we’ll cover what’s in the box.

The set is cool and all, but, wait…Dude!  Your word balloon is in the way!  Move it!

Sorry about that, folks. Like I was saying, the set is cool and all, but I gotta bitch a bit here about the price point.  Lego sets have traditionally been a bit high on the price scale, but as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for.  And compared to all the other construction sets out there, Lego is hands down the best.  In recent years, though, they seemed to have really jacked up their prices.

Stimpy.  Ugh. Nevermind.  A set like Aquaman on Ice, not very long ago, might have retailed at 12.99 – 14.99 or so.  Today? It’s 19.99?!?!  That seems like a bit much, considering how small the set actually is.  Sure, it comes with 3 figures (and I think we all can agree were all in this for the minifigs), but…there really isn’t much to it, otherwise.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  This set is actually kinda cool. It comes with Batman (yawn), Aquaman and Mr. Freeze, both of which are pretty freakin awesome.  Batman’s skijet is cleverly constructed, as is the icicle block you can put Aquaman in.

Here’s the thing about the Batman minifigure. Just like all the other Batmans before him, he’s got a white head band on.  I know why it’s there, so when he has his mask on, his eyes appear white.  Ok.  I get it.  But, can we either get a non-headband wearing face on the back on his head?  Or, better yet, a second head with a plain Bruce Wayne fact.  And, yes, I feel totally comfortable being a +40 year old male, complaining about my Lego Batman not wearing a white head band.  Ok?  It’s priorities, man!  Priorities!  And I’ve got them!

I do give the designers at Lego a ton of credit.  It takes me forever just to put a set together.  I don’t know how those folks look at a bunch of bricks and say…yea.  I see a skijet.   And then proceed to build it.  God bless them.  I hope that’s where all the extra money Lego is charging for these sets is going to.  Cause those folks definitely deserve it!

Brass tacks time. Should you buy the set?  Well…the Aquaman and Freeze figures alone will probably cost you bout 12 – 15 bucks on eBay.  So…if you’re into this sorta thing…then, hells yea!  Pick it up!

As always, outtakes are forth coming…

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