I teased this on comicbookcritic.net a few weeks ago, and I just now (finally) got around to posting this article.  What can I say?  Better late than never, right?!?!  Can I get an amen?  No.  Oh. Then perhaps we best move on…

I never quite got into the whole vinyl toy phenomenon, for any number of reasons.  More likely than not, it’s because most of the vinyl toys don’t seem to be very “action figurey”.  And, that what’s your friendly neighborhood jman is about.  Action figures.  Well…mostly.

Suresuresure.  I’ve gone to kidrobot.com enough.  And I admit I do have some sort of fringe interest with some of the toys on there, but…for the most part…I’m “meh” on the whole vinyl/designer toy thing (if you’ll permit me to generalize the genres in such a fashion.).

A few years ago, the big guys (DC/Marvel) started cashing in on the craze.  With Marvel putting out Mighty Muggs (meh-ish) and DC Direct/Collectibles releasing stuff like Blammoids (completely meh) and Uni-formz (not meh at all), etc.  Now while Uni-formz really did interest me, the price point did not.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but, I believe their original price point was $69.99?  Which is way too high according to my mythical Toy Valuation Theorem.  That’s not to say I still don’t look on eBay every now and again for a chance bargain on one of them, but…otherwise they’re still too rich for my blood.

whatru lookin at?!?!?

Enter night.  Take my hand.  We’re off to never never land Funko.  A few years ago, they released their first line of 3 inch Pop! Heroes figures.  The line, as I remember it, included Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Penguin, Riddler and the Joker.  They were cool and all, and their price point ($9.99) kinda fit into the Toy Valuation Theorem, but they’re just basically statues.  So…I passed.  I need some articulation in my toys!  C’mon!


This was all well and good, until I saw the POP! Hereos at Barnes and Noble (of all places).  It’s one thing to look at something on the internets and say “I’ll pass” and a whole ‘nuther thing when you’re holding it in your grubby lil hand.  So, I did what any good toy collecting solider does.  I picked one up. Which one, you ask?  The Joker, to be exact.  His crazy SAW puppet-type eyes were the selling point, for me.  Even though I was secretly hoping that those red corkscrews wouldn’t creep me out too much at night.  True story!

helter skelter. helter skelter.

Here’s a lil known fact about me, I like when toy companies make oversized versions of small figures.  I’d love to get my hands on an oversized Lego minifigure.  In fact, I did have a version of one many years ago.  But, alas it didn’t quite make it through my “dark” period.

I don’t know how I came across it, but I found out Funko made oversized versions of some of their Pop! Line.  I was hoping beyond hope they made a Joker, but sadly, no.  They did however make an oversized Batman.

you like what you see?


Now, according to my Toy Valuation Theorem, at the retail price of $39.99 this oversized figure isn’t worth it.  Even if you see it first hand at Barnes and Noble (of all places) during the holidays.  Even if you start thinking to yourself (who else would you think too?!?!?):  “hmmmm…do the kids really need all those presents?”  Nope!  Still not worth it.  But…if you come across a 50% one item coupon at Barnes and Noble?!?!?  Then yes, totally worth it.

size difference…

Batman is so cool, that I’ve been looking at other oversized Funko figures on eBay.  Still no sign of Joker, but this Sulley and Boo two pack from SDCC has caught my eye.

Not for $130, though.  Fucketh thateth!

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Images courtesy of:

Batman uni-formz:  crushingaguy.com
Lego minifigure:  lego.wikia.com
Sulley and Boo:  toymomsattic.com

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  1. I also found my first POP! at Barnes and Noble, I couldn’t resist Elf on the Shelf, now I have all of the holiday POP!s and one of Robin. I have my eyes on the flocked ones, but like the Boo and Sully combo, the price sucks.

    • LOL! I bought the Elf on the Shelf one, too! My kids are a little old for Elf on the Shelf, so as a larf, I bought that Pop! version. And moved him around the house the whole season. 🙂

      I saw the flocked Pooh on ebay the other day. The exclusives/randoms are killers!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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