What better way to celebrate the release of the movie Man of Steel, than to discuss the Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman 1/6 scale figure from the 1978 release Superman: the Movie.  Suresuresure. The figure bares Christopher Reeve’s likeness, which we’re all supposed to put aside for the Man of Steel movie. But, Superman is Superman. And synergy is synergy so let’s ignore everything we’ve been told just this once and take a good hard look what those magic makers at Hot Toys have put together for us.

Superman was initially released towards the end of 2011. I don’t believe he’s available at retail any longer. But, you can still find him on the aftermarket, at a bit of a premium. A buddy of mine picked up this particular Superman at a recent Con we went to, and I managed to persuade him to do the “unboxing” in my “studio” (which also doubles as my laundry room) so I could snap some pics of the figure. Always thinking of my audience, I am…

Just a lil sample of what you’ll find over at actionfigurefury.com this morning.  Check out the rest of the article, Discussion Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman 1/16th scale figure, if you know what ‘s good for ya!!!


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  • Maurice Mitchell

    That is a sweet action figure and your pictures made me laugh out loud. Great job.

    • admin

      thank you, sir! you’re too kind! thanks for stopping by!