Review-DC-Collectibles-Designer-Series-Nightwing-3When I first saw the production figures of DC Collectibles Designer series action figures at Toy Fair 2014, I gotta tell ya, I was pretty stoked.  The first series of this inaugural line, based on Greg Capullo’s completely awesome artwork on DC’s New52 Batman, features Batman, the Riddler, Talon and Nightwing.

Now, I’m not a completiest by any means, so I’m free to pick and choose figures as I will.  Which means, I passed on Batman.  I need another Batman figure like a whole in the head (and not liking his cape made it that much easier to forgo him).  I also passed on Talon, because…well, I don’t care all that much about Talon.  So, that left me to pick up Riddler and Nightwing (the reason I brought you all here today).

I also have to say upfront, I am not all that crazy about Nightwing’s look in the New52.  It’s ok.  I much prefer the blue in the costume over the red.  Yea…the red is a nice homage to his former days as Robin, but so what?  The blue just makes more sense.  It’s Nightwing.  It’s always been Nightwing since his days of leaving Batman’s side and becoming his own hero in the pages of Teen Titans.

And now, I want you to head on over to actionfigurefury to check out the rest of the article, Review: DC Collectible’s Designer Series Nightwing.  When you get there, tell ’em Jeffrey sent ya!


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