Photographer Dennis DiLaura
Stylist Mary Jordan

More news coming out of the lead up to this coming weekend’s International Toy Fair in New York.  Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on some of the merch set to debut for this summer’s long awaited “Wonder Woman” feature film.

Mattel has a whole slew of new dolls (yes.  In this case…dolls.  Not action figures) that includes your “standard” Wonder Woman doll (retails for $14.99), Wonder Woman in that blue gown and sword (retails for $14.99), a deluxe Wonder Woman with sword and shield (retails for $19.99), Princess Diana in her Themyscira training gear (retails for $19.99), a Steve Trevor and Princess Diana two-pack (retails for $26.99), a battle ready Wonder Woman with armored horse ($29.99) and the Queen of Paradise Island herself, Queen Hippolyta, on a white armored horse of her own.

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There’s a couple role-playing weapons coming out, as well.  While the list doesn’t include Wondie’s signature golden lariat, it does include a motion activated sword ($19.99), a silver and golden bow that fires the six included darts ($24.99) and no role playing would be complete without Princess Diana’s tiara and arm band ($9.99)

“Wonder Woman” directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine hits theaters June 2017

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