Welcome to another episode of yfn jman’s almost internet famous internet show.  I am your host, yfn jman.  I’ve gathered you all here today to regale you with my adventure to NYCC.  Yep.  That’s right.  I went to San Diego Comic Con’s ugly half sister, New York Comic Con!


I just felt like a title sequence…

Now, NYCC may be SDCC (got that’s a lot of c’s) ugly half sister, but, I still was unprepared for what laid before me as I walked through the construction zone that warned of rat poison on my way to the Jakob Javits convention center where the con was held.

Dude.  I was woefully unprepared.

Now look…I’m no stranger to comic book shows.  I’ve been going to what I thought was a decent sized show, Wizard World Philadelphia, every year since it’s inception.  yeayeayea.  There was that one time I missed a bunch of years ago.  But, I’d rather not talk about that right now.

I’ve also been to other shows around the Philadelphia area for years prior to that.  So, I’m no stranger to comic book shows.  Granted, I haven’t been to SDCC or either of the big Chicago shows, but still…I’m a professional here.  I’ve been around the block.  I’ve seen a thing or two in my day.

Ha!  Famous last words.  New York Comic Con blew everything prior that I had seen, did and touched completely and utterly away.

And look, I had no real expectation of this thing, either.  I figured it was going to be big.  And I knew it was in New York.  So, if I made it out of there alive, that was going to be a big plus.

Let me tell you something, if the Jacob Javits center could laugh in my face right now, it certainly would.  The size of the event was…massive, to say the least.  It was 17 football fields long, if it was a foot.  And the humanity?  Oh, the humanity!  I got on the con floor just as the doors opened.  Which, was pretty misleading.  Because, yea…the place was huge.  But it wasn’t very crowded.

For like the first 20 minutes of the show.  Because not long after that, the place filled up.  Actually “filled up” doesn’t quite do it justice.  Packed like sardines?  Now that’s closer.

One of the things the Con stresses is the use of deodorant.  Funny, right?  Hahaha.  Common sense?  I used to think how could you not wear deodorant to these things?  What kind of savage are you?  Well…believe you me…I understand now.  You can’t just apply that shit once and be done.  You need some reapplications.  Multiple re-applications.

And I’ll leave it at that.


Because the place was so crowded and so overwhelming, I didn’t get to pick up too much.  Couple shirts and a couple of prints.  I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  “What about exclusives?  You love exclusives?  You didn’t pick any up?  Rocket Raccoon?  Funko’s Stan Lee Figure?  Or what about Funko’s Batman w/ Batmobile?”


And I’d have to answer with a “no.  no.  no.”  No exclusives.  No Rocket.  No Stan Lee.  No Batman with Batmobile.  Nothing.  They were sold out.  And that’s why, my friends,  there was a line at some of the stalls when we first got onto the floor.  People lining up to buy the exclusives.

Such a stupid newbie mistake.

However, I did get to “see” a bunch of my favorite artist.  Greg Capullo.  Frank Cho.  Adam Hughes.  John Romita Jr.  And Sr!  And Ron Garney, who’s currently drawing Thor.  Which, was cool and all.  But, the thing is, what are you gonna say to these guys they haven’t heard 50 million times before?  And not sound like a complete tool in the meantime?

Case in point, I went up to Ron Garney, who was sitting there drawing, minding his own business.  I watch him do his craft for a bit, when I finally spoke up.  ”You must hear it all the time, but I really love your work”.   I said.


He just kept on drawing, consumed with this work.  After a long moment, he must’ve realized I was standing there.  “Oh.  I’m sorry?”  he said.

I smiled politely.  “I was just saying.  I know your probably hear it all the time, but I really like your work.”

He smiled graciously.  “Thanks.  Thanks for saying that.”  He nodded at my shirt.  “Cool shirt.”

“Yea.”  I shrugged.  “I just wear it.”

Yep.  I really said “I just wear it.”

Duh.  What a fucking idiot.

It wasn’t like I was celeb stunned or anything.  I just didn’t know what to say to the man.  What are you supposed to say to these guys (and gals).  “I love your work.  Awkward pause.  So…how bout this weather we’re having?!?!?”  It’s worse than going up to a girl at a bar.

After another awkward second or two I said something like:  “I think I hear my mother calling me.”  And slowly backed away.

Besides that bit of awkwardness, New York Comic Con was quite an experience.  If you’re planning on going to this thing, follow my advice…1)  deodorant and plenty of reapplications.  2) Plan on getting a multi-day pass, there’s more than plenty to do.  And 3) if you’re even thinking about meeting your favorite creator, make sure you have some things to say ahead of time.

You’ll thank me for it.


I want to thank Ron Garney, who I have the utmost respect for, for unwittingly allowing me to relate my story without fear of cease and desist recriminations.  As always, I like to thank myself for putting all this shit together.

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