Welcome everyone to another episode of your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show.  I am your host, your friendly neighborhood jman. Yep.  That’s right.  Today’s show we’re talking about everyone’s favorite crazy blonde.

No.  Not my ex.  I said everyone’s favorite crazy blonde.

I’m talking…Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Harley Quinn Bombshell

Harley Quinn.  Harleen Frances Quinzel.  The Joker’s main squeeze?  Harley Quinn.

Yea.  That’s better.

We owe Harley Quinn’s existence to Paul Dini and Bruce Timm creators of the greatest incarnation of Batman ever…Batman:  the Animated Series.

Harley’s first appearance on the show, and the DC Universe for that matter, was on September 11, 1992 in the episode “The Joker’s Favor”.

harley quinn bombshell

Originally created as a throw away character by series creator Paul Dini, Harley pulled a Julianna Margulies on the pilot of ER.  She became so popular in one episode that she got herself a series long stint.

It took a whole nother year before Harley made her first appearance in the comics. But, DC finally saw fit to bring her into the four color world on September 93 in The Batman Adventures #12.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Because shortly thereafter, Harley was officially accepted into Batman canon.

And we all know how permanent canon is.

As an aside, can I tell you how much it always drove me nuts when bad guys called Batman “the” Batman.  It’s just Batman.  Alright?!?!?

harley quinn bombshell

Over the years, Harley’s appeared in all sorts of different costumes across all sorts of media.  She’s been portrayed on television, the toons (of course) and most notably, as of late, video games.

You might recall her from such video games as Batman:  Arkham City and DC Universe online.  But, she’s been seen in video games as far back as The Adventures of Batman and Robin for Sega Genesis and Super NES.

Over the last few years, Harley’s character has become a bit…aggressive?  Her appearances in the Arkham games have made her dark.  When it comes to Harley, I much prefer the quirky, less evil version like in the Batman the Animated Series.  For me, Cute and crazy = good.  Sadistic and Evil =not so much.

My favorite version of Harley, though, has got to be this one:

harley quinn bombshell

DC Collectibles Bombshell Harley Quinn.

I know, right?  Awesome?  What’s the story behind this statue?  Unfortunately there isn’t much to tell, other than what’s on the press release.  And that, in a nutshell, goes something like this:

DC Collectibles has been releasing a line of statues inspired by the pinups of the 1940’s.  The line’s called, cleverly enough, “Bombshells”.

harley quinn bombshell

That wasn’t the press release.  There is no story behind them other than they look like pinups from the 40’s.

The first two statues released in the line were Wonder Woman and Supergirl.  Which were pretty cool.  I gotta admit I was real tempted on Supergirl.  But, then…then DC Collectibles announced this:

And at that point?  I knew my life was never gonna be the same.

I say that a lot, don’t I?

harley quinn bombshell

But this time?  This time I swear it’s true.  Because take a look at this thing and see for yourself.

You gotta love DC Collectible’s attention to detail.  Check out her hair and googles.

I gotta tell ya, I always feel like a bit of a creeper at this part.  But, whatever.

Check out the Joker card tuck in her stocking.  Speaking of the Joker, the back of her bomber jacket has a very nice Joker graphic on it

And check it out!  She’s even got a lil Batman dongle hangin from her gun.

harley quinn bombshell

My only complaint about her?  It could just be me, but I swear she’s winking out of the wrong eye.  Esthetically speaking, as opposed to metaphorically speaking, I think Harley should be winking out her other eye.


And… when are they gonna make an action figure based on this statue?

Note.  I said action figure.  Cause…

harley quinn bombshell

As cool as this thing is, in the end, it’s still a statue.  And I need something a lil more tactile.

I love…yes, I said love

I love this statue so much, that I even bought the shirt!

DC Collectibles has a Black Canary version coming out in the upcoming months.  And I’m telling you now  My life will totally be complete when I get my hands on that one…