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Welcome to your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show.

I am your friendly neighborhood jman.

My ol man, if he weren’t still alive, I’d say god bless his soul.  Because he has a theory.  Actually, he’s got a lot of theories, but the one I’m about to relate to you here, applies specifically to today’s topic.

My ol’ man, and by the way, he totally looks like this guy.  I shit you not.  If I put up a side by side of the ol’ man, you wouldn’t believe how much he looks like Gaston.

Anyway…the ol man believes in a sort of progression with kids and toys.  It goes a little like thus:  As a kid, you start off playing with blocks.  As you get a little bit older, you move up to Lego.  And as you get older still, you move onto Erector sets and so and so forth until you’re finally you become:

A Master Mechanic

Much to my ol man’s chagrin, your friendly neighborhood jman never quite made it out of the Lego stage of childhood.

Now, that’s not to say I don’t know a wrench from a hammer.

Cause I do.

DSC01891It just means I might be suffering from a sort of undiagnosed Peter Pan Syndrome in which I refuse to grow up.  Please, like being an adult is any great shakes.  Where are the jet packs?  The flying cars?  Where’s the sleeping until noon and eating ice cream, cookies and cereal while staying up to watch Late Night with David Letterman?

Take it from me kids, being an adult blows.

Except the part about buying any toy you want, whenever you want, without having to beg anyone for it.  Unless you have one of these (bride)

Anyway, I choose embrace my Peter Pan Syndrome today with this:

Yea.  That’s right.  Read it and weep.  Lego’s Arkham Asylum Breakout.

Now…before y’all get too jealous of me, you should know something.  I’ve been holding onto this set for well over a year.  It’s kinda like that Hot Toys Hawkeye figure I devalued (devalue) a few shows ago

Well, actually I guess it’s exactly like the Hot Toys Hawkeye figure from a few shows ago.

What do you want for me?  I never said I didn’t have a problem.

Anyway, I bought this set back on March of 2013.  I took my son, Jethro

Say hello Jethro

To our local Lego store for his birthday.  Our local Lego store, by the way, is a not so convenient 45 minutes away.  But, that’s just the kind of dad, I am.

Right Jethro?DSC01900

So, for the past year and change, I’ve been suffering with:

“Dad.  When you gonna open the Arkham set?”


“Dad.  When are you gonna open the Arkham set?”

And the always classic:

“Dad! When are you gonna open the Arkham set.

To which, my reply  would always be.


Why the delay?  (Shrug) I don’t really know.  I really don’t have a good excuse.  Waiting for the right moment?  Waiting for a sign from the gods?

Fortunately for me, him and the internets, though…we’re gonna crack this thing open.  And not only are we gonna crack this sonuvbitch open, but through the magic of magic, we’re gonna put it together right before your very eyes.

Right after this…

Ok.  Ready?  Let’s do this thing.


So was it worth it?  Was it worth sitting next to my son for 7 hours building this thing.

Hell, yea!  The set it worth it all just for these two minifigures.

And, that, my friends brings this episode to a close.

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