With Toys R Us’ Bricktober celebration quickly approaching, new images of one of the exclusive minifigure sets being offered during the event have surfaced.  And it looks like we’ll be getting a Batman-centric four-pack.  Based on some of the costumes seen in 2016’s The LEGO Batman movie, the pack is set to include:  Easter Bunny Batman, Cash Money dress suit Batman, Wizard Batman and Gladiator Batman.

No word yet as of yet on how they’ll be offered, or what you’ll have to give up to get one of these bad boys (probably just money.  I don’t think they’ll be taking blood or your first born again, like last year).  Based on the packaging, it’s safe to expect three more packs of exclusive minifgures to surface in the coming weeks.  Best have some spare bucks at the ready.

Source: Brickfan

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