Sunday’s penultimate episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Cobalt”, opened up with Doug (Madison’s neighbor who was carted away earlier in last week’s episode) having a mental breakdown in what can only be described as a holding pen in a military controlled facility.  Doug’s being guided down the breakdown path by a mysterious character named Strand.  A well-dressed customer, Strand spent the opening moments of the show taunting Doug something fierce; to the point that Doug, crying inconsolably, gets carted away by a group of soldiers.  Whatever Strand’s motivation was, it wasn’t to be alone because who else is in the pen with him, but Nick.

Fear The Walking Dead: “Cobalt” ReviewBack at our fenced community in the burbs of LA, folks are starting to lose it.  First, there’s Ofelia tossing bottles at the soldiers behind the fence.  When the soldiers make for her, Corporal Adams stands up, convincing them to let him deal with her.  And with that, Adams escorts the sobbing Ofelia back to Madison’s house.

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