Factory Entertainment has released images of some cool, new role playing toys:  SWAT (Soft Weapons and Tactics) from Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  The new line of soft weapons includes Batman’s Batarang (sound effects, too) and Wonder Woman’s sword and shield.  The sword, measuring 30 inches long and shield measuring 18 inches in diameter feature dynamic sound effects, as well.

Per Tom Vargas, Product Developer from Factory Entertainment:

“Batarang’s have always been one of the coolest comic-book gadgets ever created, now, everyone can play with The Caped Crusader’s iconic weapon in a friendly and soft manor, but we didn’t stop there.  Our Wonder Woman SWAT™ Sword and Shield are ready to defend all heroes in training and office warriors! You’ll want these fun pieces by your side at all times, regardless of your alter-ego or age!”

The Batarang is set to retail for $14.99, Wondie’s shield $34.99 and sword $24.99.  You can pre-order them now over at Factory Entertainment.


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