Get ready for action, all you “Gwen” fans out there, cause Marvel Comics has a treat in store for you this coming April.  That’s right, the unbelievable Gwenpool is getting her own title:  The Unbelievable Gwenpool.

Written by Christopher Hasting and art provided by Gurihiru, Gwen Poole was just your average, ordinary comic book reader, until that one fateful day when she woke up in the Marvel U.  And believe you me…hi-jinks are about to ensue!  And all’s you gotta do is hang in there until April 13th.

Need more info?  Check out Marvel’s full press release below:

Wait, really? Yes, really! 2015’s overnight sensation is slicing and dicing her way into hearts and minds as well as her very own ongoing series! Hold on and hang tight world, because she’s THE UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL – and her first issue is coming at you this April from writer Christopher Hastings and artist Gurihiru!

Gwen Poole used to be a comic book reader just like you…until one day she woke up INSIDE the Marvel Universe. Now all the characters she read about are real! But they can’t be really real, can they? This has got to be some kind of dream or something, right? Well you know what that means – NO CONSEQUENCES! First order of business, get a costume and start fighting crime. Why? Because that’s what everyone who has a solo series does!

“Ms. Poole basically thinks she’s been transported into a video game,” says writer Christopher Hastings, in aninterview with “It’s a world where hundreds of super powered citizens shoot each other with eyeball lasers and grenades that are painted to look like pumpkins for some reason all the time. But the series will be about showing her that no, she’s not completely right. There are consequences to her actions. ”

No power. No responsibility. No rules. No limits. The Marvel Universe  has a new player, and she’ll shoot and stab her way through anyone and everyone. Could she truly be Marvel’s least role-modely and least responsible character to date? She can if she tries! Find out this April as this marvelous mercenary makes her explosive entrance in THE UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL #1!



Art & Cover by GURIHIRU

Variant Covers by FRANCISO HERRERA (FEB160763), STACEY LEE (FEB160764),


Hip-Hop Variant by WOO DAE SHIM (FEB160765)

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