io9 got the drop on some of Hasbro’s Force Friday II store exclusive reveals. Keep in mind now, these aren’t going to be on store shelves in the morning.  They’ll be available later, in specific stores, as we approach the release of Star Wars:  The Last Jedi.

Amongst the most important of those reveals is a Gamestop exclusive:  A 6-inch Star Wars:  The Black Series Supreme Leader Snoke.  Based on his appearance in the upcoming Star Wars:  The Last Jedi, this first ever figure of the mysterious Snoke features a fabric robe and throne.  The Supreme one will retail for $35 and be available this fall at Gamestop.

Amazon has a Black Series Star Wars:  The Last Jedi exclusive figure of its own.  For 20 bucks you’ll be able to own one of Snoke’s Elite Praetorin Guards.  Clearly based on the Emperor’s Royal Guards, the Praetorian guard comes with a sword and heavy blade.  You’ll probably want to order at least 2.  Just in case.

Speaking of bad guys and their protection, comes a 4 figure set exclusive to Barnes and Noble, the Disney Stores and Gamestop.  Called “The Guardians of Evil,” this set features the evolution of the Royal Guards.  From the Senate Guards of the Republic of the PT, to the Royal Guards of the Return of the Jedi, to the newly introduced Praetorians, this set will have your bad guys covered.  The figures come with character specific weapons and will retail for $80.

Finally, Walgreens’ exclusive figure dips all the way back to the OT with a shimmering Obi-Wan.  Based on his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the translucent Kenobi comes with a fabric purple cloak.  Not because he’s into Prince all of the sudden.  But to simulate that whole “force ghost” thing.  Old Ben is set to retail for 20 smacks.


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