Another character from the Superman mythos is finding her way to CBS’ Supergirl.  Former WWE wrestler Eve Torres Grace is set to play Maxima on an upcoming episode of the show entitled, “Myriad”.

Created by writer Roger Stern and artist George Perez, Maxima made her DC Comics debut in Action Comics #645 (September 1989).  The oldest child of the royal family from the planet Almerac, Maxima left her homeworld to find herself a husband.  Bet you can’t guess who she was after…right!  Superman.

Former WWE Wrestler Eve Torres Grace cast as Maxima in CBS' SupergirlPossessing super-human strength, speed and just about every other power Superman has, Maxima has been a part of the Justice League and the Superman Revenge Squad.

Beyond the casting, little is known about Maxima’s role in the series.

Supergirl airs Monday evenings at 8 on CBS.

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