Funko’s line of Pop! figures is expanding once again with the introduction of a new line of Disney inspired characters based on the “Kingdom Hearts” video game.

A role playing game developed by Square Enix (then known only as “Square’), “Kingdom Hearts” debuted in Japan on March of 2002 for the PS2 game system.  A collaboration between the Walt Disney Company and Squaresoft, Kingdom Hearts joined Square Enix’s Final Fantasy characters with Disney animated characters and settings.

Funko’s new assortment of Pop! vinyl figures features Mickey as King, Donald as the mage, Goofy the knight, Chip and Dale as co-managers of the Gummi ship and the scoundrel Pete as the villain.

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Along with the general assortment come a bunch of store exclusives.  There’s a black and white Pete available only at Walmart, Kingdom Goofy available at Gamestop and Kingdom Donald available only at Hot Topic.

The Funko Pop! Kingdom Hearts figures retail for approximately $9.99 and are expected to ship April 2017.


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