Funko’s released images of the latest wave of Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! Pop! figures.  From the Pop! Television line, series three of the line is set to include:  Robin as Nightwing, Masked Robin as Red X, Mammoth and Starfire as Batgirl.

But…that’s not all you’re getting out of this wave.  This is Funko we’re talking about here.  You gotta expect some exclusives.  And exclusives we have.  Coming to Books-A-Million is an unmasked Robin as Red X.  Appearing at your local mall’s Hot Topic is Nightwing with Baby (so cute!) and finally Rose Wilson along with Raven as Lady Legasus are heading to Toys R Us.

The figures retail for $10.99 and will be hitting store shelves this winter.  You can pre-order them right now at Entertainment Earth.


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