Back in 2011, at the conclusion of the mini-series, “Flashpoint,” DC Comics reset the continuity of the DCU and introduced what would eventually, officially become known as the new 52.  Amongst the character overhauls, was Barbara Gordon.  Previous to Flashpoint, the one-time Batgirl became a paraplegic thanks to the Joker’s antics in 1988’s one-shot graphic novel “Batman:  The Killing Joke.” Once recovered from Joker’s maiming shot, Barbara over the years would develop into another secret identity, the tech-savvy Oracle.

With DC Comics’ company wide re-launch, Barbara Gordon was back in the Batgirl duds in Batgirl #1, her continuity slightly revised. In the new continuity, Barbara was rehabilitated from the Joker’s crippling shot, a miracle of modern medicine.

While the title sold well enough, DC answered the growing criticisms of over-sexualization of their characters and in October of 2014, writers Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Steward and artist Babs Tarr, who ya boy just happened to interview back in 2014, gave Batgirl another update.

Gone was the provocative, skin tight armor.  In exchange for a more realistic jacket, pants, doc martin-esque ensemble.  Along with the new costume, the trio of creators move Barbara to Burnside, a borough of Gotham, and the rest as they say, is history.

DC Collectibles new Batgirl of Burnside figure set is based on Batgirl’s new look.  Sculpted by long time DC sculptor Paul Harding, Batgirl is part of DC Collectibles’ DC Icons line of figures. Barbara measures 5.75 inches in height (in line with the Icons six-inch scale) and comes with two interchangeable heads and capes (one “standard” set and one “riding” set), grappling gun and several hands in various states of openness.

Of course, no Batgirl figure would be complete without her bat-cycle.  Sculpted by Adam Ross, another long time DC Collectibles sculptor, Batgirl’s motorcycle is highly detailed and features wheels that actually spin.  One of the nice things about the cycle, isn’t even about the cycle, really.  It’s the base.  Batgirl’s bike fits into a base that looks like it’s kicking up dirt.  And, once in position, the bike can lean side to side, or just straight on forward.  Coupled with the alternate Batgirl portrait and cape, the whole thing put together really gives you the impression that Barbara is on the move.

The DC Collectibles DC Icons Batgirl of Burnside figure set retails for approximately $59.99.  I got mine at my local comic shop, Capes and Cowls.  You can pick yours up at your favorite retailer or at Entertainment Earth.

And be sure to check out our interview with sculptor Paul Harding about his work on the figure!