DC Collectibles recently released a few more figures from its waning DC Icons line.  Amongst the likes of Nightwing and the Super Sons (Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent) comes the rebooted Girl of Steel, Supergirl.

Designed by Ivan Reis and based on her appearance in DC Comics Rebirth, the six inch figure features Kara Zor-El in a more traditional Supergirl costume.  Gone is the New52’s bodysuit with weird red crotch piece and funky cut-out boots.  In its place comes Supergirl in a classic red skirt, blue top and knee length cape.

The figure sports multiple points of articulation and comes with an alternate “angry” face sculpt (with heat vision beams that plugin into the figure’s eye sockets.  Yea…it’s a little weird, especially when the beams aren’t in, but when in place, it’s a cool effect) several hands in various states of openness, and a “hover” base.

So…is the figure worth it?  The only way to know for sure is to watch the premiere episode of #saturdaynightlosers

The DC Collectibles DC Icons Rebirth Supergirl figure retails for $28 and is available right now.  You can pick her up at your local comic shop or at Entertainment Earth.