Ya boy’s years long wish has finally been granted.  No.  Not world peace.  Or inheriting millions dollars.  How bourgeoisie.  No.  I had a much better wish.  And it can be summarized in three words:

Bombshells Action Figures.

Yassssss.  Finally.  Revealed back in July of 2016, on the eve of Comic-Con International:  San Diego, DC Collectibles DC Designer Series: Ant Lucia DC Bombshells figures have finally made their way into stores.

Based on the designs of artist Ant Lucia, and sculpted by Paul Harding (who, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing) the initial assortment of 6.5 inch figures consists of Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and the reason we’ve all been gathered here together, Batwoman.

Side bar 1:  hell yea, I got all four.  I’m by no means a completest, but there was no way on god’s blue marble I wasn’t getting all four of these figures.  And every other Bombshells figure that comes out henceforth.

Originally known as Kathy Kane, Batwoman made her DC Comics debut in “Detective Comics” #233 in 1956.  Batwoman would get a reboot in 2006 when she would get a new look and name (Kate Kane) in the pages of DC Comics weekly series, “52.”

DC Collectibles new figure has Kate Kane decked out in her black, Gotham Knights baseball uniform as designed by Ant Lucia for the Bombshells line.  The figure borrows all the elements from its statue predecessor, right down to the “Gotham Knights” logo and #52 on the back of her jersey.

With molded long red hair and green eyes, Kate sports red gloved hands, red kneecap socks and the all important baseball hat (with bat ears) and red bat logo (on the cap and front of her jersey).

DC Collectibles really crammed the articulation into these figures.  Kate’s got double hinge joints in the elbows and the knees, ball hinge joints in the shoulder and ankles and swivel joints at the top of her legs.  And that’s just naming a few of points of articulation.  These guys girls are meant to be played with posed.

Kate comes with a bunch of baseball themed accessories like a baseball, glove and bat with “Batwoman” scrawled on it (just be super careful putting the bat into her hands, it’s a bit fragile and I, in my determination to make her hold said bat, broke the handle).  She also comes with several hands (in various states of openness).

Side bar 2:  If you love the Bombshells as much as me, which is highly unlikely, you definitely should check out the book:  “The Art of DC Comics Bombshells.”  It’s full of Bombshells info, history and pictures.

The DC Collectibles DC Designer Series: Ant Lucia DC Bombshells figures retail for about $28.99.  It’s a bit on the higher side, but we are talking the Bombshells here.  They’re available at your favorite retailer.  I got mine from both my local comic shop, Capes and Cowls, and our friends over at Fresh Figures.