Just in time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman’s DC Comics debut, DC Collectibles has added a new addition to its Gotham City Garage line of statues, the Princess of Themyscira, herself.

Measures 10 inches in height and 15 inches wide at the base and sculpted in part by Irene Matar and Adam Ross, the new statue features Diana leaning against her new ride, and ultra-modern motorcycle.  Complete with wheels that look like they’ve been designed by a Dyson engineer (with some “invisible” effects to boot), Wondie’s bike sits parked atop a base of Roman-esque remains; smashed columns about.

Her ride isn’t the only thing getting updated for this statue.  Wondie’s posed wearing an updated costume, as well:  The Amazonian Princess sports a red, leather jacket emblazoned with her iconic “WW,” star spangled pants and knee-high red metal boots.

In keeping with the Gotham City Garage theme, Wondie sports intricate wrist tattoos designed by Katherine Braddock, in lieu of her more traditional iconic bracelets.

The DC Collectibles Gotham City Garage Wonder Woman statue retails for $349.99 and has a run limited only to 5200 pieces.  You can order her right now as shopdcentertainment.com.  If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, or the Gotham City Garage line (and honestly, how could you not be) you’d totally be remiss if you let this beautifully detailed statue pass you by.

Many, many thanks to our friends at DC Collectibles for providing the statue for review!