What’s the one thing that every kid who grew up watching the Batman Classic Television show wanted?  I mean, besides the Batmobile, a date with Batgirl and a can of Bat-Shark repellent?   Of course I’m talking about the Shakespeare bust the Dynamic Duo used to access the Batcave.  And Diamond Select Toys has made it a (affordable) reality with the release of their life-size Shakespeare bust bank based on the one from the show.

Any self-respecting nerd/fanboy worth their weight remembers how the Shakespeare bust was used.  Whenever trouble raised its nefarious head, as it seemingly did on a regular basis in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne and his young ward, Dick Grayson, would head to the Batcave!  A flip of the head of the ornate Shakespeare bust (conveniently located in Bruce Wayne’s study) would reveal the secret entrance to the Batcave.  Or, at least, how to get into the cave.  With a turn of the dial (located inside the bust), a seemingly random bookcase across the way would slide open to reveal the poles to the Batcave.

To the Batpoles!

Diamond Select Toys new Shakespeare bust, is no ordinary bust, either.  It’s a bank, as well!  Sculpted by Paul Harding, the vinyl bank measures 20 inches in height.  And just like in the show, the head tilts back to reveal the dial and button to access the hidden entrance to the Batcave, as well as the coin slot for all your loose monies.

The Diamond Select Toys Batman Classic Television show Shakespeare Bust retails for $80 and is available right now at DST’s website or for order at your local comic shop.  And find out all the particulars of the bust, by watching the latest episode of the Red chair show!

And many thanks for our friends at Diamond Select Toys for providing the sample for review!