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Diamond Select Toys has brought Zatanna Zatara to it’s line of “Batman:  The Animated Series” Gallery PVC figures.

Zatanna debuted on the Animated Series, back in February 1993, in the appropriately named episode “Zatanna.” Voiced by actress Julie Brown (“Earth Girls Are Easy”, “The Middle”), the episode finds Zatanna accused of stealing money from the Gotham Mint, in an elaborate magic trick gone wrong.

Based on her appearance in “Zatanna,” Diamond Select’s new PVC figure features the magician pulling a bat out of her hat, plumes of smoke swirling around the stage beneath her. Standing nine inches in height (in scale with DST’s other Gallery and Femme Fatale PVC figures), Zatanna is posed with a rather friendly looking bat flying out of one hand, while holding her trademark top hat in the other.

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Costumed as she appeared in the Animated Series, Zatanna sports a black waistcoat with blue lapels, purple corset (that matches the purple band in her top hat), white top, black tie and matching blue bottoms.

One of the coolest features of the statue is the base.  Zatanna stands on a stage, trap door beneath her feet, with stage lights in front and opaque smoke swirling around behind her.  The sculpt of Zatanna is spot on, as well, capitalizing on the show’s simplistic stylization; the magician seemingly (even magically?!?!?)  ripped right from the frames of the show itself.

The Diamond Select Toys “Batman: The Animated Series” Zatanna PVC figure retails for $45.00.  At that price, there’s absolutely no reason not to pick up the statue if you’re a fan of the show or, like ya boy, a fan of the character.  You can order her right now a DST’s website.


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