Diamond Select Toys is bringing Galatea (don’t call me Power Girl) from “Justice League Unlimited” to their line of Gallery PVC figures.

Not quite Powergirl, but not quite Supergirl either, Galatea made her debut in the first season of Cartoon Network’s “Justice League” update, “Justice League Unlimited,” way back in 2004.  A clone of Supergirl created by Emil Hamilton for Project Cadmus, Galatea first appearance in the DCU was in the episode, “Fearful Symmetry.”

A supervillain bent on destroying the Justice League, Galatea borrows several elements from Power Girl:   trademark white costume (along with the lovingly nicknamed “boob window”) and short blonde hair.  Galatea’s costume, though, lacks Power Girl’s red cape (although in her debut episode “Fearful Symmetry,” she does walk around with a red towel over her shoulder).

Diamond Select Toys’ new Galatea PVC statue is inspired from that moment.  Posed ready for a fight with her red towel/cape cast aside, Galatea measures 9 inches in height, right in scale with DST’s Femme Fatale and Gallery statues.  Sculpted by Varner studios, Galatea floats above a diorama base of rock and steel wreckage.

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The animated style of the “Justice League” animated series really lends itself to DST’s line of PVC statues.  DST captures the detailing of the stylized characters, at a price point that doesn’t break your wallet (or make you have to hide your purchases in shame from your significant other).

The Diamond Select Toys’ DC Gallery Justice League Animated Galatea PVC Figure has an MSRP of $45 and is available for purchase as these words hit your peepers.  You can order her right now at DST’s website or at Entertainment Earth.

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Many thanks to our friends at DST for providing the sample for review