What’s that you say?  There just isn’t enough Nightwing merchandise around to fill your needs?  Agreed.  As does Diamond Select Toys.  So, they’ve taken up the cause and recently released an new Nightwing PVC diorama under their Gallery line.

Based on his appearance in The New Batman Adventures, the new statue stands 10 inches in height and features Dick Grayson’s alter ego atop a chimney stack, ready to pounce into action.  Sculpted by Varner Studios, the statue is faithful to the highly stylized designs seen in the 1997 successor to Batman:  The Animated Series, with Nightwing all in black, blue emblem emblazoned across his torso.

The statue features unique touches like translucent grey smoke swirling around Batman’s former partner, who’s all ready to take some punk down.  Posed with his arms behind him, Nightwing looks like he’s ready to launch himself into on helluva scuffle.

The Diamond Select Toys The New Batman Adventures Nightwing PVC Diorama retails for $45 and is available for purchase right now.  You can pick him up at DST’s website or at Entertainment Earth.

Disclaimer:  The statue was provided by Diamond Select Toys for review purposes