With the ongoing success of Marvel Collector Corp, DC’s Legion of Collectors and the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty subscription boxes, Funko introduced a new Disney-inspired box that debuted for April 2017:  Disney Treasures.

The theme for the inaugural Disney Treasures box?  Pirates Cove.  Yup.  Pirates.  Just in time for the release of Jack Sparrow’s (that’s Captain Jack Sparrow) latest adventure “Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Men Tell No Tales,” comes a pirate themed box.

Inside a cardboard box made to look like a treasure chest (complete with a Mickey lock) was enough Funko loot to make any Disney fan happy.  Laid out much the same as it’s Marvel/DC/Star Wars predecessors, the Pirate Cove box had a shiny pirate Mickey pin and a pirate patch waiting for you upon opening.

Under the cardboard tray holding the pin and patch was the “meat” of the box, if you will (and you will).  On top of the loot was a fold out map, giving you a brief description of the box’s contents.  The first thing ya boy pulled out?  Captain Hook’s right-hand man, Mr. Smee.  A Pop! collectible based on the character from Walt Disney’s 1953 film “Peter Pan.” Voiced by actor Bill Thompson, Mr. Smee provided most of the comic relief on the Sea Devil and was Hook’s first mate and all around personal assistant.

The Pop! figure is based on Smee’s look from the animated movie, right down from the undersized striped shirt, to the half-moon spectacles resting on his oversized pink nose.

Next out of the Pirate Cove box?  A Dorbz Ridez Wicked Wench.  Straight from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Disney resorts, comes the three-masted galleon, the Wicked Wench (with her original pirate captain).  Based on the ship that pillages (and plunders a bit) a late 1700 Spanish fort on the banks of the Caribbean, the Dorbz Wicked Wench is helmed by her original Captain (that may or may not have been based on Blackbeard).

And finally, the last thing out of the cardboard treasure box?  A Pirates of the Caribbean themed tin.  Inside that tin was none other than Captain Jack Sparrow, himself.  Exclusive to the Disney Treasures boxes is a new line of two inch figures that are pack inside a tin.  The Pirates Cove tin features four scenes from the ride and Captain Jack (in a blind bag) waiting inside.  Stylized much like Funko’s Mystery Minis, Jack sports his iconic tricorn hat, dreads, braided goatee and his red, striped belt.

Missing from the box, though?  A T-shirt.  While there’s no guarantee what’s going to be in the box, using past boxes as a guide, a T-shirt was all but a given.  Alas, there was no Pop! themed shirt to be had amongst all the Funko bounty.  Which, was a little disappointing.

That being said, the Disney Treasures box was everything you’d probably expect from a Funko box.  Especially if you’ve subscribed to any of their other boxes.  And if you’re a fan of Disney, this box is a no-brainer.

While orders for the Pirate Cove box have ended, Funko will be gearing up for their next box, Festival of Friends, in the near future.  While not much is known at the moment about the next box, I’d wager dollars to donuts, it’s Dumbo-themed.  Festival of Friends will ship June 2017.

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