The DC Comics Bombshells movement just keeps growing and growing.

What started out as a line of 6th scale statues based on artist Ant Lucia’s 1940’s pin-up style has continued to grow at a phenomenal rate.  Funko has gotten into the game recently with its new line of Pop! Bombshells 3.75 inch figures.  The initial assortment of figures includes Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, the Joker (along with a Hot Topic Joker exclusive and a Think Geek Harley exclusive) and the reason we’re all gathered together here today, Katana.

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Created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, Kitana (aka Tatsu Yamashiro) made her DC Comics debut in July of 1983 in the pages of “The Brave and the Bold” #200.  A proficient martial artist that wields a sword known as the “Soultaker” (a cursed sword forged in the 14th century with the ability to contain the souls of those killed by it), Katana has been associated with any number of teams in the decades since her debut, including:  The Outsiders, Birds of Prey, the Justice League and more recently, the Suicide Squad.

Funko’s new Katana Pop! Figure is based on Ant Lucia’s Bombshells designs of the character.  Posed wielding the “Soultaker” in one hand, and “shushing” y’all by pressing her index finger to her lips, Katana is designed to look like a 1940’s Geisha.  Like in Lucia’s original artwork, Katana’s dressed in a tattered kimono and wearing geta sandals (traditional Japanese footwear), her leg exposed revealing a dragon tattoo.

Even at 3.75 inches, Funko packs in the detailing in on their Pop! Figures.  From the decorative dongle hanging from the pommel of “Soultaker” to her dragon tattoo, Katana is a vision of vengeance.

The Funko Pop! DC Comics Bombshell Katana figure retails for approximately $10.99 and is available right now as these words hit yer peepers.  You can get her at your favorite retailer or order her at Entertainment Earth.


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