With Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures joint “Spider-Man: Homecoming” just a few weeks away, Funko’s new assortment of Pop! figures based on the movie are hitting store shelves.  Included in the initial wave of figures is Spider-Man, Spider-Man (homemade suit), Peter Parker, Vulture and the reason I’ve gathered you all together today, Tony Stark.

It’s not very often you get a Tony Stark figure, compared to the half a trillion Iron Man figures that take up residence on our planet.  So any time there’s an opportunity to pick up a deformed, stylized version of Robert Downey Jr, your contractually obligated to do so.

The new Pop! figure features Tony at his most casual, yet most cool.  Who else could possibly get away with wearing a kitty T shirt with a sports coat and black Chucks?  Not to mention the Elvis-inspired glasses.  Only Tony Stark could.  Or Robert Downey Jr.  Take your pick.

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This being a Marvel Pop!, there’s no articulation in the head.  He’s a bobble-head, and while ya boy typically doesn’t care much for bobble-heads, again…it’s Tony Stark (see paragraph #2).  He is a little top-heavy, too.  So, if you (like me) take your figures out of the packaging, have some tacky wax handy, cause he’s probably gonna tip over.

The Funko Pop! Spider-Man: Homecoming Tony Stark figure retails for $10.99 (depending where you get yours).  I got mine at the best local comic shop evah, Capes and Cowls.  You can order yours at Entertainment Earth or probably find him at your favorite retailer.