What better way to celebrate the release of Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok to theaters than with a good hard look at Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok Hela figure.

The Asgardian Goddess of Death, Hela was adapted by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from the Norse Goddess, Hel.  Appointed by Odin as the Goddess of the Dead, Hela made her Marvel Comics debut in the pages of Journey into Mystery #102.

Hasbro’s new figure is based on Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of Hela in the new feature film.  One of the highlights of the figure is Hela’s headdress.  Don’t worry too much if one (or more) of those “antlers” falls off during depackaging.  They snap right back in.  With the cape and headdress in place, Hela makes for an imposing figure.

Hela comes with an alternate unmasked head, sword and arm for the line’s Build-a-Figure:  Gladiator Hulk.

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So…is the figure worth it? Has your wish of owning an action figure of Cate Blanchett finally come to fruition?  The only way to know for sure is to watch the latest episode of #saturdaynightlosers