Late in 2017, Hasbro released a pair of Deadpool themed Nerf Kronos XVIII-500 blasters.  Part of Nerf’s more advanced Rival line, the Kronos XVIII-500s are set to be released under the Phantom Corps series Spring 2018.

However, for this Gamestop Exclusive set, Hasbro has pre-released the Kronos blasters deco’d with Deadpool-inspired graffiti.  Painted red with white slogans on one side and Deadpool’s logo on the other, each blaster has a 5 round capacity.  The rounds are loaded on the top of the blaster, via a loading flap.  The weapon is then cocked by way of a priming slide.  Once the slide is pulled back and pushed back into place, it’s “fire when ready” time.

Each set contains 2 Kronos blasters, 10 balls rounds (5 per blaster) and instruction manual in the form of a taco.  And the whole thing comes packaged neatly together in a nice Deadpool-graffitied display box.

So…are the Deadpool Kronos blasters worth it?  Should you run out to your local Gamestop and demand they sell their remaining stock to you?  The only way to know for sure, is to check out the latest episode of #saturdaynightlosers.