Part of the initial onslaught of Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise to hit stores back in 2017 were Jakks Pacific line of Big Figs.  Coming in three sizes (the standard 20 inch Big Figs, a “massive” 31 inch scale and “colossal” 48 inch Big Figs), the Last Jedi figures featured realistic detailing and weaponry.

Among the initial assortment of Big Figs for the movie were the likes of First Order Stormtrooper, Rey, Kylo Ren and the mysterious Praetorian Guard.  Standing 20 inches in height the Big Figs featured 7 points of articulation, an article of real fabric clothing (like a tunic and cloak for Kylo Ren) and figure specific weaponry (with the Praetorian Guard coming with a Double Blade, Kylo a crossguard lightsaber and Rey with Luke’s Lightsaber).

So…are the Big Figs worth it?  Should you be running to your local Target to pick up their remaining stop of Praetorian Guards?  The only way to know for sure is to watch the latest episode of the Red chair show!

Disclaimer:  The figures were provided by Jakks Pacific for review purposes