Joining Harley Quinn in Kotobukiya’s Mad Lovers series of ArtFX+ statues comes eco-terrorist du jour, Pamela Isley, better known as…Poison Ivy!

Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, Poison Ivy made her DC Comics debut in the pages of Batman #181 way back in June 1966.  Inspired in part by a short story written by author Nathaniel Hawthorne, Poison Ivy began her career as Dr. Lillian Rose, botanist extraordinaire.  In 1988, her origin was revamped by writer Neil Gaiman.  Gone was Lillian Rose, only to be replaced by Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley.  A wealthy Gotham City botanist, Isley would be transformed into Poison Ivy after being injected by several different poisons and toxins by some questionable collegues.

Kotobukiya’s new statue is sculpted in the ArtFX+ 1:10 scale. Posed blowing a kiss, atop a block of translucent green plastic, Ivy is decked out in her classic costume:  leafy bodysuit, green tights and dark green boots.  She even comes with a strand of “poseable” ivy to wrap around the figure.

So?  Is the statue worth it?  Will you fall for the green siren’s deadly kiss?  The only way to truly know for sure is to check out the latest episode of the Red chair show!

The Kotobukiya Mad Lovers Poison Ivy ArtFX+ statue retails for $69.99.  You can order her right now from Koto’s website or through Entertainment Earth.

Disclaimer:  The statue was provided by Kotobukiya for review purposes