Late in 2017, LEGO revealed its winter 2018 assortment.  Amongst all the new Star Wars, Creator and Minecraft sets were 5 new sets from 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie:  Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack, The Bat-Dune Buggy, The Justice League Anniversary Party, The Bat-Space Shuttle and the reason we’re all gathered here today, Egghead Mech Food Fight (70920)

Comprised of 293 pieces, the set comes with three mini-figures: Egghead (well, duh), Condiment King and Batman (just what we all need.  yet another Batman figure).  The highlight of the set is, of course, Egghead’s mech.  It features a spinning, articulated whisk, a disc shooter that fires fried egg discs, a cockpit shaped like an egg and probably the best part of the whole thing, a storage canister with a chicken and three eggs.

So…is the set worth it?  Should you drop everything you’re doing right now and head out to your local store to pick it up?  The only way to know for certain is to watch the latest episode of #saturdaynightlosers.

The LEGO Batman Movie Egghead Mech Food Fight (70920) retails for $29.99 and is available right now, as these words hit your peepers.  You can order it right now at