“You have failed this city!”

Late last year, Mezco Toyz debuted the protector of Star City, Green Arrow, as part of its One:12 Collective line of figures.

Created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, Oliver “Ollie” Queen made his DC Comics debut in “More Fun Comics” #73 in November 1941.  The billionaire owner of Queen Industries, Ollie moonlights as the proficient archer, Green Arrow.  Partly inspired by Robin Hood, Weisinger also took inspiration for the character in the pages of Edgar Wallace’s serial “The Green Archer.”

Affiliated with the likes of the Outsiders and the Justice League over the last 76 years, Ollie has evolved from his status of “back-up” story fodder in the pages of “Adventure Comics” to being the main character on the CW network’s “Arrow.”

Mezco Toyz’s One:12 Collective Green Arrow is a sort of an amalgamation of the character over his seven-decade span.  Built on Mezco’s One:12 Collective body that sports over 30 points of articulation, the real fabric costume is a nice nod to the CW’s “Arrow” while still harkening back to the character’s comic book roots.  The figure sports gauntlets on both forearms, shin guard boots and enough buckles to make any fan of the 90’s happy.

One of the nice features of the costume is the “posable” hood.  With the integrated wiring, the hood is easily pushed back or pulled forward to hide the archer’s face.  The figure wears a sleeveless green jacket, with “leather” belt and straps that hold the quiver to his back.

Speaking of his face, this is classic Oliver Queen wearing his green domino mask (with white lens), blond hair and trademark goatee (which, btw, is really a “goatee” at all.  It’s more of a “Van Dyke”, but that my friends is more of a story for another time).  His head isn’t just some sculpted piece of plastic, either.  The “skin” has an eerie translucent look about it, giving the face a life-like appearance.

The other highlight of the figure, besides the costuming, is the articulation.  Just like all the other one:12 collective figures, Arrow is wicked articulate.  You can pretty much get this guy in any kind of archery type pose you can think of.  And with all the included hands, and the handy dandy posing staff, you can pretty much pose Ollie like he’s diving off a skyscraper like that other archer from that movie made by the guys on the other side of the comic book street.

The figure comes with a ton of accessories:  the fore-mentioned hands (in various states of openness), bow, plenty of arrows (some to fill the quiver and others for Ollie to actually hold…like the very cool “kryptonite” arrow), knife and the “arrow” figure base with posing staff.

While all this is well and good, there is some bad news for ya.  Ollie’s sold out.  You’re pretty much left picking him up on the secondary market.  The good news here is that he still seems to be hovering around retail, so you might luck out.

I pre-ordered my figure from the folks at Fresh Figures.  He was also available at Mezco’s website.  Hear me now, and believe me later, the One: 12 Collective line is not to be missed out on.  If there’s a character coming out that you’re really into, and there’s a Collective figure of he/she/it, you’re silly to miss out on it.